R & D Center

Mr. stephensexton, the chief scientist of the company, is a world-famous expert in physical prevention and control of agricultural pests. He graduated from latrobeuniversity and worked in the Department of agriculture of Victoria, Australia. Mr. Stephen has a lot of practical experience in the three technical fields of chemical components of insect pheromones, formula proportion, pheromones and the response of plant volatiles to insects, and also has a high reputation in the transformation of basic scientific research achievements and the design of field technology application schemes.

He took the lead in cooperating with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) of Australia and the Ministry of agriculture of New South Wales to develop and promote the world's first interference mating technology: pear fruit borer pheromone in 1984. Later, he and his team worked together to develop the pheromone of quarantine pests, apple bark moth and apple Brown curler moth. With the participation of Mr. Stephen, pheromone interference mating technology has been introduced into the United States and other countries, and has been promoted all over the world.

Mr. Stephen came to China in 2012 and joined the R & D team of Nanjing Xin'an Zhonglv Biotechnology Co., Ltd. He and his team have developed a series of new pest trapping and control technologies to prevent and control a variety of field pests by using safer and more efficient means, such as citrus fruit fly, melon fruit fly, fruit fly and other Lepidoptera and coleoptera pests. In line with the principle of "high efficiency, cost saving and labor saving", we continue to develop and promote solutions for important crop pests, and strive for the safety of the Chinese tongue.