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Product characteristics
Kangbi ® The fruit fly bait is different from the traditional attractants such as methyl eugenol. It is not only effective for the male of a single type of fruit fly, but also can attract the female adults of a variety of fruit fly pests in a broad spectrum. Through the unique high polymer slow-release carrier, it can continuously release high concentration of aromatic compounds of plant origin. When used in conjunction with the trapping device, it can reduce the number of eggs laid in the field, reduce the number of insect populations, and reduce damage.
usage method
This product needs to be used in conjunction with the fruit fly trap device for trapping and controlling fruit fly pests. It is recommended to supplement the bait once every 45 days. According to the size of the trap, take 2-5ml of fly bait and apply it inside the trap, and hang the trap in the target orchard. According to the orchard area, hang 6-10 traps per mu.

Matters needing attention
1. The effect of large area continuous use is better; Large area continuous use can reduce the hanging amount per mu as appropriate.
2. It is normal for the product to have tube expansion occasionally in high altitude or high temperature areas, which will not affect the product performance.
3. Store in a cool place away from light. Please use up as soon as possible after opening the package.
4. It is forbidden to take this product. If you accidentally enter it, please rinse it with plenty of water. If you feel unwell, please seek medical advice as soon as possible.