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Sinogreen principle scientist Stephen Sexton is the world-known agricultural semiochemical specialist, who graduated from the La  Trobe University in Melbourne and worked for Victoria Government of Australia before entering private enterprise. 

Stephen Sexton has worked on biochemical control of agricultural pests for 40 years and has studied insect pheromones since 1983. He has cooperated with Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) and Victoria Government for many years commercializing biochemical products. In 1984, he registered the first oriental fruit moth mating disruption technology in the world.  This was followed by mating disruption, of codling moth, a key pest of apples and pears. This was subsequently extended to USA, Canada, Italy, France, Argentina and Chile, South Africa and elsewhere in the world. He also developed attract and kill technology for cotton bollworm and related noctuid moths which has found application in north and south America, South Africa, China and Australia., His recent focus has been development of semiochemical systems for control of Tephritid fruit flies in China and Africa and Drosophila suzukii in China.


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