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Nanjing Xinan SinoGreen Biological Technology Co. Ltd. (Sinogreen) is a high-tech enterprise which develops and manufactures novel semiochemical based products for control of pests of agriculture. Sinogreen has a highly experienced International research and development team drawing on expertise in China, Australia, USA, Holland and Italy.Our team’s first class pest and disease control technologies have been used in China, Australia, USA and Africa and some other parts of the world. We have long term relationships and close collaborations with the China National Industrial Technology System, many provincial Academies of Agricultural Science and National and Provincial Agricultural Universities.


Sinogreen upholds the principles of "safety, economy , efficiency" in developing it's product range. We have developed a portfolio of patents which protect certain aspects of our technology relating to some very important pests and diseases of agriculture. Sinogreen semiochemical technology allows farmers to control certain serious pests which are uncontrollable by other means. We are focused on providing safe and effective biological pest and disease control solutions and developing IPM programs for some important economic cash crops. In terms of field results, we aim to achieve of increased product yield and environmental safety. An important focus of our research and development program is the development of user friendly products which reduce farm labour costs, exposure of workers to toxic insecticides and reduction or elimination of crop residues. Sinogreen has become the excellent brand within China's pest and disease control industry with a strong focus on “Integrity and qualitysafety and health”

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